Investment – All The Details

Our project can’t go ahead without some sort of community investment. Every B4RN project has this to some degree, the value of which can be ring-fenced for supporting our specific area by just ticking the right box on the share form. We mainly want to let B4RN’s info be forefront, but under the important info below we discuss more about shares locally and our investment targets.

For full details see the shareholder prospectus on B4RN’s website by clicking HERE

You can apply for shares by filling in a Share Form by clicking HERE

Alternatively for the latest info head to B4RN’s Resources page and click the tab for investors.

B4NTR volunteers shouldn’t be giving financial advice
Below is an important summary of the details from B4RN’s website

Important info about Shares

  • Minimum shareholding £100 / maximum £100,000.
  • All shareholders are members of B4RN. One member one vote.
  • Shares must be held for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Investment in shares attracts the current rate of 5% which can be paid out or reinvested year on year.
  • Some shareholders choose to invest £1,500 and claim free connection worth £150.
  • Shares can only ever be sold back to B4RN at £1 each.

We at B4NTR have never liked to make a big deal of the costs involved in the project in-case they seem insurmountable to the community. Even with all the help from volunteers and local landowners, this is still a multi-million-pound project for our area. No typical telecoms provider would be able to deliver anything close for a similar cost and would likely be in tens of millions of pounds.

The B4NTR is split into 3 areas, starting in the Barrasford Project (yellow) and building out into Kirkwhelpington (blue) and Woodburn (orange) projects

We plan to deliver fibre broadband at gold-standard directly to every single household who wants it. We only want to do a project like this once, we’ve put a great deal of thought into other (easier) options but they are likely to be outdated soon. The fibre we’re putting into the ground now should be the copper of the future and last 100 years!

We’re working in an area over 230km squared (almost 57,000 acres) and covering 1400 properties. Not just that, but profits from monthly fees will eventually be coming back into the community for worthwhile causes. Similar to the Ray Wind Fund CIC.

With our volunteer work and planning through B4RN, the government and iNorthumberland (for broadband vouchers), landowners agreeing to waive wayleaves fees and Ray Wind Funds for seed funding, we’ve covered a huge majority of the cost already. It feels like we’ve been given a golden ticket and we don’t want all this to go to waste!

B4RN are asking for some INVESTMENT from the community to show them the community (you) believe in the project as much as we (the volunteers) do or the project won’t go ahead.

In the past, B4RN projects were always built by getting 100% investment money from the community. They bought shares in B4RN for £1 per share and this money went into building the projects. Then once connected the monthly fees would build up and be able to pay back the community. As much as it was money to build, it also showed the communities commitment to getting connected.

Info and Examples of previous B4RN projects Funding-
B4AV – Allen Valley’s Northumberland on BBC News

So what are B4RN asking for? -A total of £47,000 for the first area of the B4NTR project build which will cover the villages of Barrasford, Birtley, Gunnerton, Barrasford Park, Great Swinburn, Colwell, Chollerton, and all properties in between.

That’s less than 5% of the overall build cost for the area, and you get INTEREST paid on the amount you invest.

Remember, this would be an INVESTMENT in B4RN shares, not a cost and can be withdrawn in full after THREE years. B4RN’s shares currently have a yearly interest rate of 5%, which you can withdraw each year and if you invest at least £1500 B4RN also waive your installation fee of £150. If just 30 people invested £1500 we’d be ready to build all the way to the Corsenside and Kirkwhelpington areas, these areas will then have their own similar investment targets which are yet to be set.

If this interests you please follow the link below to learn more about the scheme and how to invest.

Link to B4RN investment information on their website

Investment is open to all in the community whether they have registered for a B4RN voucher or not. It would be great if you could spread the word to your local community.  

As you may already know, B4RN is a non-profit community benefit society which offers the opportunity to invest in them.  By investing you become a shareholder of B4RN and so have a vote in the direction of your future broadband supplier.

We hope you see the importance of having a good internet connection, in these times of a pandemic more than ever and hope you can see all the future benefits this would bring to our area, both personally and for business.