Gigabit Voucher Sign-up Data

The cost of rolling out fibre locally is primarily covered by vouchers applied for by local residents. Locally, the council and government are running a joint scheme.

However, there is a deadline for signing up for these
31 MARCH 2021!

Sign-up on the B4RN website, just pop in your postcode!

If they aren’t signed up before this time the funding will be lost locally and there’s no current plan to replace them – in the governments own words the funding is there for the taking, but it is up to residents to claim this.

You can’t sign-up twice for the same property, so if you are not sure if you’ve already completed the form, you’ve got nothing to lose by filling in the above.

Click – for all the details.

How is your area doing?

You can click/touch each coloured bar to see the exact number of voucher sign-ups completed or needed.

BLUE bar is the number of sign-ups completed
RED is the number of sign-ups needed

A project area needs to be completely BLUE below to be able to move into the duct building phase*.

Remember you can sign-up once PER-PROPERTY, not-per person. Since the totals are based on the number of properties in each area!

*Graph is calculated as percentages of the “required 30% of number of properties per area” needed for B4RN to proceed with the duct building within that area.

Also, note the statistics may go up or down as we sift through and clean up the data, total sign-ups is based on B4RN’s own data