The B4NTR Tour starts….continues…and ends

The B4NTR Tour starts….continues…and ends

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Update 3 – 24/05/2019 – THANKS TO EVERYONE who attended our meetings in the last 3 weeks – we had another stellar week with another 75 EOI sign-ups! Feels like the end of an era to us! Please, please continue to support the project and spread the word, by badgering your neighbours to sign-up, we’ve been taking your advice and popping B4NTR boxes to drop off paper EOI sign-up forms in local village halls or village shops. If yours don’t have one or its full please contact us with the new link to the right!
We’ll also have a stand at the Northumberland show on Monday 27th May if you wish to sign up or ask us questions while your there.

UPDATE 2 – 17/05/2019 – We had a great week again last week with another 70 sign-ups! We’ve added a few more pictures to the gallery from these below!

Update 1 – 10/05/2019 – Thanks to everyone who came to our village hall meetings last week. We’ve got more coming up in the next weeks. Your interest and enthusiasm has helped spur us on. If you were present last week you’ll realise how important our EOI (expression of interest) sign-ups are, we’ve had 80 sign-ups from you all last week, which we think is amazing, but we’re still aways off from our targets and we need everyone’s help to get these done, so please don’t assume someone else will do this and put it off, and please badger your neighbours to sign them too!

Remember we need 50% of residents to say they are interested in the project (its not a contract remember!) before we can go ahead and build our 1000 Gbps future-proof network in our area. Click the link above in the top right to sign-up online, or come fill out a paper copy at our meetings next week.

Remember we’re now working out which parishes are in or out, see how yours is doing in the link above to the right – the link will drop down from the menu when your mouse hovers over the “sign EOI” or tap the “+” icon depending on your browser, or click below.

SPOILER ALERT!!! – Below is for those who have already come to our meetings and have heard directly from Dave, Head of network planning for B4RN, here’s some reasons to sign up and some FAQs answered…

  • Poor service from other providers…
  • No “Up to” speeds, No slowdown at peak times, No sharing your connection, Always 1000 Mbps for all!
  • Will your current provider upgrade their network in the future? B4RN already supply 1000 Mbps as standard. In the future B4RN can put us ALL on 10,000 Mbps at the flick of a switch and there’s even scope for 100,000 Mbps!
  • 100% of properties can be connected, Parish based, No property too far or too expensive
  • Community owned and run. It’s an Investment opportunity! We’re having a lot of local people interested in investing in the local B4RN project after hearing the details, earn 5% a year (better than your bank account?) and your money is returned after 3 years. Also it gives you a vote on how its ran.
  • Free for primary schools, Free for places of worship, Free for (participating) village halls, Use profits to benefit the community, not some institutional investors.
  • Use your current telephone number just as you always have with VOIP (voice over internet protocol). NO MORE LINE RENTAL! Save money. (We’ll help with all the details when the time comes)
  • Simple solutions for those of us who have regular power outages and want our internet and phone to stay live!

We were also lucky enough to hear from Ray Winds Funds CIC who were present at the meetings last week, as well. They are in full support of the project and they are keen to help our area with much of the investment needed to initiate the project! We thank them greatly for their participation.

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