Progress report – Moving into phase 2…

Progress report – Moving into phase 2…

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Please raise a glass, a small celebration is in order!

We already have almost 800 properties signed up and have officially started our journey with B4RN!

I am incredibly pleased to announce that over the last week B4RN have agreed to start the next phase of a huge rural broadband project in Northumberland.  Therefore, over the next month B4RN will be working hard to draw up an exceptionally detailed network plan in our area and costings to show us how they intend to provide their amazing service to all properties (no matter how rural) within the first 7 parishes they have selected.  These are the parishes of Chollerton, Birtley, Corsenside, Otterburn, Kirkwhelpington, Bavington and Wallington. 

Even the parishes above can’t sit on their laurels however. You still need to tell your neighbours and friends to sign our expression of interest form though since B4RN’s build order will be led by these results with the parishes where sign-ups are the most positive being first. The more sign-ups we get the easier it will be for us to persuade B4RN to leave rural Lancashire and come to beautiful Rural Northumberland!

Check the progress of your parish with this link the more “yes” the better!

Additional parishes will be considered as they achieve the required 50% of properties within a Parish expressing an interest in B4RN supply them with the worlds fastest broadband. If you have yet to submit an expression of interest for this incredible opportunity please do so by visiting the sign-up section of the B4NTR website. There’s still a massive amount of work to be done but it’s important to also realise how far we have already come!

Lynne Rawles
Chair of B4NTR

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  1. chrisconder

    Well done everyone, the expressions of interest sort the men from the boys. Good luck to the first past the post. xxx

    1. admin

      Thanks so much Chris! Its just a case of how much people want the project – B4RN are amazing and what you help bring simply has no comparison in our sort of area. We’re looking forward to working with you guys in the upcoming stages!

  2. youngian

    Eight weeks later, what happens now?

    1. admin

      Planning has took a little longer than planned! Remember we’re all volunteers here at B4NTR, but we should be sorted in a few weeks now and will be sharing the details then.

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