B4NTR Benefits…

B4NTR Benefits…

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Checkout our new information sheet detailing why B4NTR is better than other services.
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People sometimes ask why we do we really need 1000 Mbps…

A quick Calculation showing now and future estimates of recommended download speeds:

BBC 4K @ 30 fps = 40 Mbps
4K Bluray stream @ 30 fps = 100 Mbps
BBC 8K @ 30fps =~160 Mbps (estimated)
BBC 8K @ 120fps (HFR) =~640Mbps (estimated)
Virtual Reality Ideal Streaming – 2 x 8K @ 144fps… ~1536 Mbps

…Good job B4RN fibre is ready for the future and speeds of even faster than 1000 Mbps!

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