B4AV on BBC Look North news

B4AV on BBC Look North news

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B4AV is a sister project to B4NTR. They are about a year ahead of us, but we’re hoping to emulate the wonderful job they have done. We’re working in a very similar fashion, but instead of the community directly needing to raise the initial investment Ray Wind Funds is doing this for our project. Watch the video to learn more and don’t forget about our upcoming meetings. Click below to watch the video


Also we’re getting steady expression of interest sign-ups and are overall on about 30% of the total to green light the B4NTR project here. But if your parish doesn’t have the required level of sign-ups you’ll all miss out. Check out how your parish is doing HERE, then sign the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM HERE or on the link in the menu above and tell your neighbours and friends to sign up, you can once per property! It costs nothing to do this and is part of the processjust to show the government there’s local interest for the government gigabbit voucher scheme.

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