Expressions of interest forms

***Update January 2020 – This page is NOW OLD!***

This was used to help approve GOVERNMENT Gigabit Vouchers for our area – Which you can SIGN – UP for HERE!

Unfortunately we’re no longer actively monitoring these expressions of interest (EOI) forms.

If you completed one of these THANK YOU! But they don’t automatically transfer and a new government sign-up needs to be completed as above or on the MENU BAR.

Sign up for your parish through the B4RN website links below…

Remember you can sign-up once PER-PROPERTY, not-per person. Since the totals are based on the number of properties in each parish!

Click HERE to check your parish on OS maps
(try popping in your postcode, then zoom out).

Bavington –

Birtley –

Brinkburn –

Capheaton –

Chollerton –

Corsenside –

Elsdon –


Hepple –

Hesleyhurst –

Hollinghill –

Kirkwhelpington –

Longhorsley –

Nunnykirk –

Netherwitton –

Otterburn –

Rothley –

Wallington Demesne –